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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 265

Oh my goodness it is April. Where is the time going? I don't know... it's just flying.

This week was busy with work in the beginning of the week because of quarter end. Now that quarter end is over it is SLOW!!!!! Today a couple of people were out of my office, but my boss was nice and brought us back Sodalicious (which you know I love) and let us go home a half hour early. So nice!

Also this week I talked with the Corporate Events planner at Novell. Such a nice guy. We are on the same floor now that I have moved to the 8th floor and now that we know each other... I have a knew friend on the floor. I like meeting more and more people at work. It's a big place and it feels more personal the more people you get to know. Anyway... super nice guy and gave me a lot of great advice of how to put my foot in the door and start changing my career to get into event planning. Some people get degrees for it, but he didn't. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He told me that from the little he knows about me from our hour chat... that I would be great at it and one of those people that would be great to work with because I'm laid back and organized and go with the flow kind of girl but also outgoing and a people person... and I have worked with contracts which would also play in my favor. Anyway... he said he would keep me in mind if there are any future events that he needs help with or if anything opens up at Novell or if he hears of anything anywhere else. He told me that I could work a couple events before starting to do a full time to get a feel for it and get some experience and put my foot in the door. I thought that was a great idea. It was kind of exciting to think about switching jobs to something that I would find more exciting. Anyway... we will see how that goes. Who knows what will happen with the company in the next month. Sometime this month there will be a bunch of lay offs and we don't really know who that is going to affect yet.

I hung out with Stacey again for the weekend. When he was dropping me off at my house after the party we went to he said... we should watch a tv series on Netflix together. I laughed and asked him if we were taking our friendship to another level by doing this. Ha ha... spending more time together by committing to watch an entire show together. Anyway... we did that last night. We started watching Flashpoint... we watched 3 episodes and are not sure if we are committed to that show yet. We might try a different one next week to see if we like that better.

Speaking of shows.... I'm trying to think about what I have been watching this week. I don't even remember. I didn't watch as much because of quarter end... and then I think I just watched a bunch of random movies... along with catching up on my shows that are currently running. Then I was in the mood for a stupid drama... so I started watching 90210... which is stupid, but sometimes I just need stupid drama and not anything super intense because I don't want to have to think about it. We will see how long this one takes me and then I will be on to something else. Maybe try to start back up on Dr. Who. I stopped after the 4th season ended.

I have not been very good about my diet... but I have stayed pretty good with my exercise. Pilates on Monday, running on Tuesday... tonight was cold so I didn't want to run outside so I went to Cycling class at the Provo Rec with my roommates. Wow did that get my heart rate up. I had not been to a cycling class in YEARS!!! But it was great. I would love to go again. The instructor was pretty good and had some good jams and for my first cycling class in several years... I think I did pretty well. I think I went around 13 miles during the class. It was funny because I don't usually bring water to the gym... so I didn't bring a water with me to class. The guy on the bike next to me looked at me after I had to raise my hand being the newbie in class and said "You didn't bring any water?" he shook his head at me and then reached into his bag and grabbed me a bottle of water. I just laughed... I had no idea. He was right though... I needed it. He was nice and would check up on me and give me pointers. Nice guy. I would for sure go back to that class. Makes me think that I should get a pass to the rec center. ..... maybe.

I never see my BFF Darrell anymore because we are no longer in the same ward. Well... I ran into him on Sunday and he came over to chat for a while. It was nice. I miss hanging out with him and seeing him around more. So weird for me to say that. You would think he had moved, he still lives across the parking lot from me, but it's amazing how much being in a different ward separates people. It's weird.

My roommate Mackenzie surprised me this week. BEST surprise. So ever since I found The Tonight Dough at the Sev (711) I haven't been able to find it again since. I had a heart to heart with the lady working there and told her they need to keep it in stalk. She wrote it down. Every time I shop anywhere I always check the ice cream section and it is never there. I have even checked 711, where we found it several times and it had not come back. It was almost like it was a dream, that I had found it. Anyway... when I came home one day this week I saw a big sign on the freezer. I knew what it was and I was SO happy. I opened to see it anyway. I had the biggest smile on my face. My roommate is the best. This time... I'm saving it.


jamie hixon said...

STOP!! I went online to see if we had any Tonight Dough near us... and the website said that Basha's did. I wasn't feeling well, so Dan being the SUPER nice guy that he is went to get it for me... NOT THERE. UGH! What is wrong with this world??

It's true about ward boundaries. We had ours redrawn and people right in my neighborhood are in different wards now, and I hardly ever see them.

Funny that you and Stacey are watching a show together. I think that is cool actually, it is great to watch and then talk about it. It is such a small world that dan's brother knows him from where he grew up.

The corporate event job-switcharoo sounds quite exciting. My friend from my BFA theater days is a wedding planner now, it looks so fun!

Lynette Mills said...

I can't find any tonight dough near me, either in California or utah. Not very good business to have a product but then not distribute it! It makes you wonder why?

Lori said...

That would be so neat for you to get into party/event planning. You would be amazing at it!
Can't wait for you to get out here. See you Wednesday :)