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Monday, April 20, 2015

Mr. Dog Lover

A lot of guys online have dogs. I don't know why that is. Let me first say that I love dogs. I really do... but if a guy has more pictures of his dog than himself, It is a turn off. I don't know why it turns me off... if they are doing it because they think it is going to be a chick magnet or if they struggle committing to relationships so they form a relationship with their dog. That is at least what I think of.

I would also like to say that I wouldn't mind having a dog one day. However... not until I have time for one. I am very against having a dog that is cooped up in a house all day (which is the case in Utah) while I work full time just so I can have a cute pet to come home to when I have a few hours at home. I really don't think it is fair to the dog. I will get a dog when I'm at home with kids and the kids are old enough to want and help take care of a dog.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way. I met this guy for the first time tonight. He has been bugging me to go out. I agreed to tonight. We set it up a couple of days ago that we would go out tonight but didn't really make a plan. I was hoping he would come up with a plan. I HATE it when guys call me the night of and say... so what do you want to do? That is exactly what he did.

Of course I had no idea. He suggested going to play pool (which I hate) or going bowling which I said I would do if he wanted. I suggested doing something outside since it was nice out and then he said maybe we could play mini golf which I also said would be fine. We left it at he would drive to me and we would figure it out when he got here. I hate that... but I said fine.

He gets to my house and I go outside to meet him and I see his dog in the front seat. Really? Where were you planning on taking me on our first date with your dog? Plus... he didn't even ask me if it was ok that he brought his dog. He just brought her. What if I didn't like dogs? What if I was allergic to dogs? Seriously.... HUGE turn off.

He said we could still go do something and he would just leave the dog in the car, but I hate that. I'm not going to climb in the car with a dog crawling all over me and then leave the dog in the car for who knows how long while we go do whatever activity. So... we just hung out at the park and the entire time he had to throw the ball for his dog and pet the dog because the dog needed attention because he is gone all day while his dog is locked up a lone all day. Therefore... he was distracted the entire time we were trying to talk.

All of this being said, he wasn't as attractive as his pictures and we had NOTHING in common and the dog ended up being a great excuse to end the date because we couldn't go do anything with the dog there anyway.

Moral of the story... don't bring your dog to a first date, ESPECIALLY without asking the person you are going out with. Bad move.... bad move.

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jamie hixon said...

Your "bad move, bad move" reminded me of someone saying "bad dog, bad dog!" How appropriate. That's too bad that you didn't have a good time, I always feel bad for the guys.