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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Big Sur

When James and I decided to meet up at Big Sur, we didn't really plan much... we just said we would meet each other there and explore and that was the extent of the planning. A few days before we decided on what time we would meet there and then once we were both there we would just call each other and see where the other one was. Well.... we both had no idea that there was NO CELL service there. I guess there a couple of spots that AT&T got service. James had Verizon and he got service for a second here and there in random places. I didn't get anything for an hour and a half out of Big Sur (I kept track on my way home) so when we both got there and realized that... we panicked a little. I ended up stopping somewhere and they had Wifi and I stayed there. I texted my mom because on Wifi you can iMessage with other people that have iPhones.... but James... he didn't have an iPhone, nor did I know if he was going to think to stop somewhere with Wifi to see if I had contacted him that way... which I did via Facebook. My mom told me she would call him and tell him where I was. She did, she couldn't get ahold of him. I was there for an hour now and still have no idea how I was going to find James. It was starting to get dark... then we REALLY wouldn't find each other. I then prayed that we would find each other somehow. My mom checked up on me again and said she would try calling him again. That time he had answered and she told him where I was. He also responded to my Facebook message saying where he was.... then I lost him. I lost him before we had decided if he was going to come to me or I was going to go to him. I didn't hear from him or see him for a half hour after that... but I just stayed put. That was the best thing to do right? Well... he finally came. We were both pretty stressed. Apparently after I had said that prayer and my mom called him, he randomly got cell service long enough to talk to my mom and see my message of where I was... then he lost service and wasn't able to get it back. I was so relived when I saw him. Now I know.... plan where to meet at Big Sur... no cell service. Sometimes I forget how much I rely on my phone.

James and I didn't really plan ahead of time and book a camping spot... then neither one of us brought a tent and James thought it would be a great idea to sleep in the back of his car. He brought memory foam and lots of blankets... so I thought it would be more comfortable. It wasn't as comfortable as I thought it was going to be. It was warmer though. We also didn't have to set up camping or pay to camp.... so that was cool.

The next morning... we got up and ate some snacks that James brought and went out to explore. We drove down the coast. We stopped for a little hike and to check out the waterfall and some beautiful views.

After that we went and found a beach that we could hang out at. I just relaxed and soaked in the sun while James ran and went swimming in the freezing water and found sand dollars and talked to strangers.

It was a quick trip to Big Sur... but I'm glad I took it and glad that James wanted to meet me there so I had some company. It's a beautiful place.


jamie hixon said...

Looks like you went to some of the same spots we did. That sounds like it was a pretty quick trip as well. I'm glad you found each other... I should have warned you about the cell service!

THE LIZARD'S said...

I like the part where you relaxed and he did a million activites and talked to strangers! Lol