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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 267

I was so sad to leave Santa Barbara. I knew when I bought my ticket that I wouldn't be there long enough. I couldn't believe how long I went without going home. 2 years? What is that about? Not ok. When I first moved to Utah I used to go home like every other month... which was a little excessive I admit, but I'm hoping it is not long before I go back. Especially since I promised Dave Field that we would go scuba diving out at the Channel Islands next time I came.

I was dreading the drive back to Utah because I know it is such a long drive... I hate doing it these days, but it really didn't seem that bad for some reason. Maybe it was because we listened to an audio book most of the way back about Christopher Reeve and his wife's lives. It was pretty interesting. The book is called "Somewhere in Heaven" which reminds me of his movie "Somewhere in Time". Anyway... it told about how he got paralyzed and then how he and his wife handled that until he died. Very sad and sweet story. The rest of the time we listened to Josh Groban. Love him.

Speaking of Josh Groban, his new CD is coming out this month "Stages". It is songs from different musicals. I already preordered it and have a few songs. So excited for this album. I just found out his next tour schedule and was SO SAD not to see Salt Lake on there. Come on Josh! You're killing me! I would go again if he were coming here. So sad.

This week has been average at work with keeping busy. People are slowly still packing up and leaving from the last set of lay offs. There are more and more spots in the parking lot (which that part I like) but it's sad to see people I know and like go. Although the parking lot will eventually fill back up because as soon as they put us all in cubes... they are gong to rent out other floors to other companies. Should be interesting. Maybe it will give me an opportunity to meet more people? Trying to look at the positive side of this.

Because of the lay offs, we had Brad (who is now the lead over legal across all the BU's now that Jenny has been let go with the merge) in town so we all went out to lunch yesterday. We went to Mongolian Grill... which I like. It is a little healthier cause you can load it with veggies instead of pasta and make your own mix of things you like. Always nice to get free lunch too. I had the worst fortune though. My fortune said something like.... "Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. Ouch!" or something like that. I thought it was dumb, so the head over our legal department, Stirling, gave me another one to open in hopes the fortune would be better. I opened it and it said "Don't worry about the future". Yeah.. ok, thanks.

So over the last couple of weeks, I have been watching 90210. Not the old Beverly Hills 90210 (although some of those girls made an appearance on the show as well) but the newer one they made. I am in season 4... and they are long seasons. It is a stupid drama. I knew it would be... but that is what I was in the mood for. I guess it is my guilty pleasure... right up there with the Bachelor. I know the drama is so dumb, but I love it at the same time. I am fully aware of how stupid the shows are... so don't judge too harshly. I have also been watching dumb movies at home with my roommates. We feel like we are running out of good stuff to watch on Netflix. I mean... you can never run out of stuff to watch on Netflix... I'm pretty sure that is impossible, however... it is hard to find good stuff on Netflix. Maybe it's time to re-watch LOST. I loved that show and it's been a few years now. MacKenzie and I were both saying that we loved watching Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman when we were younger and how fun it would be to watch all of those again. Netflix should add those. ha ha. We both also had a big crush on Dean Cain. He now does a lot of Lifetime and made for tv movies. He has put on a little weight, but overall, he has aged pretty well I think.

The weather has been a little crazy this week. Snow... yeah, should have figured we would get snow in April since we didn't get it all Winter. It's normal though even with a normal Winter and it doesn't last long and then it's gone. No big deal. I don't freak out over it. It has been overcast all week though and I would love it to warm back up. I need to get a base tan before my trip! I got some sun in California while I was there, so hopefully that will help.

Other than that... it has been a pretty slow week. Haven't done much socially. Feel like I haven't seen anyone in forever because I was out of town last weekend and the weekend before that was General Conference. OH! Wednesday was the 15th. That means my little coupon to buy one get one free at the other (new) Sodalicious location was going to expire, so MacKenzie and I went last night. Yes, I got two soda's for myself. This was my chance to get what I love AND try something new. So.. I got my regular Mango Mountain Dew and then I tried the new flavor, Lucky. Lucky is Mountain Dew with Grapefruit and Passion fruit. It was also very good... I would probably order it again, but Mango Mountain Dew is still my favorite. The new location is so ridicules though. It is HUGE for a soda place. I can't see how they will be able to keep that up... unless they combine it with some sort of food joint. Anyway... we just went there to use our coupon.... we will still continue to go to the original Sodalicious.


jamie hixon said...

Again, Sodalicious would be Asher's dream come true. I don't love soda, but it would be fun to try once! You look like an awesome walrus in that picture, by the way.

I'm not as into Josh G as you are, but that new album sounds like one I will have to listen to!

THE LIZARD'S said...

Ha! I've never heard of just a soda place! That is so American of us to just mix and go crazy over sodas! I'm guessing you stayed up late that night! Lol! I am always up for using a good coupon though!