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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Hunt

Happy Easter, yesterday.

I spent the day watching Conference and hanging out with the family. We had a nice lamb dinner and my Grandma provided Easter baskets and eggs and candy for all the grandkids.

I helped hide Reanne's eggs and candy. I guess I made it too hard because she couldn't find half of the stuff that I hid so I helped her out. Even I couldn't find one of the small eggs. I'm sure my dad will find it some day in the future. Ha ha. Reanne did say past years the hunt was too easy... so I was just giving her a challenge.

I'm thankful to have family near by and that we could spend a lovely Easter together. Love my family.


William said...

Wish we all could have been together! Looks like a nice time, the kids are looking older!

jamie hixon said...

Those are big easter bags! And Reanne looks SO TALL!! That looks fun. I hid a few eggs that were hard for Asher, my kids are terrible at looking for things normally anyway.