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Monday, April 13, 2015

Highway 1

Since I have been living in Utah, I have become a lot more outdoorsy and adventurous than I ever was growing up. I don't know if it is because my family didn't adventure much and nor did my friends so I just wasn't invited... or what. However.... now that I have this strong desire to be outdoors and see new places, I wished that I would have explored California more when I was living there. There is so much there that I haven't seen that I could have done many weekend trips. So... I guess I will just have to do them now.... makes it a little more difficult to pull off because it's not a quick trip when you have to travel to a different state so it makes it a little more expensive and harder to find people to go with you... but I will do my best. 

So, a few years ago I went to the Channel Islands for the first time with a group of friends and on this trip I decided to road trip up to Big Sur because I have seen pictures and it looked beautiful. My friend James is living in Sacramento right now, so he told me he would meet me there and we would explore together because he had never been there either. 

To get to Big Sur, you take Highway 1. I had never driven it before. It was a fun drive and one of the most beautiful road trips I think I have ever taken. I drove hours while looking around and thinking to myself how beautiful it was. Soo...... I would pull over and take pictures.... because that is what I do. Spring was a perfect time to visit because the wildflowers were in full bloom. It was beautiful! 

If you have never driven Highway 1, I definitely recommend it! It's windy and narrow, but it's gorgeous. 


William said...

Makes me want to get in the car and drive up the coast right now! Awesome pictures!

Lynette Mills said...

Yes, beautiful!

jamie hixon said...

You got a lot of great pictures! I bet Dan is jealous of your time table, we had to get there by a certain time and we couldn't stop for all the photo ops. Really, it is a gorgeous drive.