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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Work Shooting

Yesterday we had a little work activity. We went out to Spanish Fork to go shoot pigeons. I was excited. I like shooting and I haven't been since I went with John in December. I guess that wasn't that long ago. Anyway... it's fun. It's stress relieving. I don't suck at it either. I shot a couple different guns and I was able to shoot a few pigeons with each gun.

It was a fun activity to do with my co-workers. I'm going to go ahead and say that I was the best out of the girls... however there are only 3 of us so I'm not sure that is saying much. Either way... it was fun. I like hanging out with Tyler the most... he is my work BFF... but the rest of my co-workers are pretty cool too. ha ha. I'm glad that all I have to do is go up to my boss and tell him we need an activity to make something like this happen. I like playing instead of working.

Also doesn't hurt that is was a nice day with a nice view.


Lynette Mills said...

Cool. I don't think I could hit a moving target.

THE LIZARD'S said...

Is this "work related" ??? Maybe helps the work stress! Ha!

jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh, your JOB! You are so lucky! I think I've told you, but I'm left eye dominant and right handed, so I suck at shooting. Ha. I'm glad you rock though. You can be on my team when the zombies come.

jamie hixon said...

PS Awesome pictures!