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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 269

I leave tomorrow and I am not ready! I guess I never am.... I always wish that I could take a day off of work to get ready for my trip, but why would I do that when I would much rather use that day on actual vacation. I also get a little bit of anxiety with my long flights. You think I would have done it enough by now that I wouldn't care. I care a lot less... but I really try to sleep most of the flight and not think about it. I have a few flights, the longest one is about 12 hours I think. My longest flight so far has been 16 hours. That is a doozy. I have also done a 15 hour flight. So 12 shouldn't be that bad huh? I just hate getting off of one flight just to get back on another long one. I'm sure we will be fine... as long as we are not flying Malaysia Air.... which we are not.

Last weekend was busy. I wrote about the music video. That was an all day thing, and it was fun. Can't wait to see how the video turns out. I'm sure it will be great since all of his video's are.

After the music video I went on a date. We first started talking in January, but then he backpacked Southeast Asia for 3 months and he said we would go out when he got back, but I figured he would forget about me. Turns out he didn't and as soon as he got back, we went out to dinner. Super nice guy. He is a traveler so we had a lot to talk about. We ended up talking for 3 hours... the time just slipped away. We had a great time. However, now I'm leaving and by the time I get back he will be gone for the summer. So... who knows if we will ever see or speak to each other again. It is always nice to have a good date though where you feel like you connect with someone.

Besides that, I have just been trying to prep to go. Get everything at work squared away for when I leave. Get things at home clean and get the fish tank ready to hand off to my roommate and make sure the plants don't die while I'm gone. Have to think about the little things when you are going to be gone for a while. It's exciting though. Let's not talk about packing. It's going to be super hot and humid, so I'm sure I will be packing super light, but still... packing up a backpack for a long trip... you always second guess what you are bringing or not bringing.

I also got a lot of primping this week. Hair touched up. Pedicure, manicure. eyelashes filled. Even though I am backpacking... I still like to feel girly I guess.

I watched a new show. Star Crossed on Netflix. It was pretty cute. Aliens vs humans... but the aliens are very much human like... so it doesn't seem so weird. I have also been watching random movies.

Making lots of trips to Sodalicious. Addiction? Maybe.

I went on a little photo shoot outing with my BFF neighbor Darrell. We don't see each other much anymore now that we are in different wards, so it was nice to go out and bond like old times.

Newest roommate moved out and back home to Washington. In search of a new roommate.

That's all I got. Peace out!

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jamie hixon said...

Cute toes... I should give myself a pedicure. I hope you are having a fun time on your trip.

You have an addiction to Sodalicious... I have an addiction to Kneaders fruit tarts. I have to tell myself every day not to get one and eat it all.