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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Women's Conference

At Woman's Conference this year, my mom and Aunt were in charge of a station in the show room. They asked me if I would take pictures for their station. I of course was happy to help. It was a fun challenge to get what they wanted. A couple I already had.

I ran into a couple of girls that I knew in the show room. It was fun to see Megan and Ali.

As I looked around the show room, there were many things that I saw at stations that I have seen on Pintrest. What would we all do without it. ha ha.  This was one of my favorites... and I think everyone's else's favorite as well because it was crowded and everyone was taking pictures.

My mom and Aunt's station turned out cute. I thought the pictures turned out great. :)

Here is a close up of the pictures that I took.

 I was very glad that I got to go and be a small part of it. Wish I got to go to actual classes, but I had to work. Oh well, maybe another year.


Lori said...

Very cool Tracy! You are such an amazing photographer :) Great pictures!

Lynette Mills said...

Im glad you blogged about this event Tracy... thanks