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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Irelyn's Newborn Photoshoot

On Easter Sunday I brought my nice camera to my parents house for a photo assignment/ favor for my Aunt Joanne. Chad and Clara came to dinner that day, so I told them if they wanted me to take some pictures of Irelyn I would be happy to. With only about 5 minutes of good lighting left, I hurried and took some pictures before my natural light was gone. Even though I only had a few minutes... I got some good shots that I think Chad and Clara will be happy with. We set Irelyn up on a bed with a white patterned quilt and had the bed facing the window so that I could have some natural light on her. She sure is a cutie.

Here are my best shots.

Here is Grandma Mills with Great Grandchild #24

Irelyn Mills


Lori said...

Nice shots Tracy :) So, since Clara won't answer my question on spokt.... do you know where they came up with the name Irelyn? I didn't know Aunt Joanne came for Easter also, fun.

T-Ray said...

Thanks Lori. I think that they didn't answer you because they have not gotten on since. Anyway... I am not sure where they came up with the name, I never heard. I just think it was a name they liked. Aunt Joanne didn't come for Easter. Mom and I went to her house after conference and she wanted me to take pictures for a display she is doing for women's conference. I was just taking the pictures for her.. she wasn't there. :)

Lynette Mills said...

I dont know either... but it's a cute name

jamie hixon said...

Oh my goodness! Nice! Irelyn sure is a cutie. And you really got some good shots. I am so impressed.