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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 115

What a week. I have been up late every night. I really need to work on getting more sleep. There has just been so much going on... and the weather has been SOOOO perfect and it has gotten to that point where you can be outside at night and it is not cold, you can be in shorts and a t-shirt and be just fine. I love that. You find lots of people outside at this time of year and I love it.

I loved the weekend because I spent so much time outside. It has been really fun to play softball again because it has been so long. I love that I can find people to play with all the time. Life is so much more fun when you are playing... although I didn't get as much done as I wanted to... like a trip to the DI to get rid of some stuff and a trip to FYE to see if they will buy my used CD's. Do they do that? I sure hope so because I have a lot I want and need to get rid of. Oh well, maybe this weekend.

Our ward talent show is coming up. You better believe that I will be performing in it. Our Hairspray crew decided to get together again and perform our little 5 minute show at the talent show... so we needed to refresh and practice. Everyone got so excited to get together again... we really became a little family. We added a few new people to the show to replace the ones that couldn't do it this time around or are gone. For example my partner. Since he needed to learn everything from the beginning we started practicing at 8 last night and went until 10:30. It was fun but I was pretty tired by the end. And then we decided to watch Hairspray again after that because Rich and Jay had never seen it. Love that movie. So maybe I will get a better recording of it this time around? We shall see.

I went to yoga at Novell for the first time this week. I only went because my pilates instructor was teaching it. I usually don't like yoga... but this class wasn't bad. If she taught every week, I would probably consider going. She is so great, every week she writes on my wall on facebook telling me what music I have to look forward to in my next day in class. She is great and I have come to really love that class even though it kicks my butt every time. It has been really good for me and I have seen a lot of improvement with myself.

I went over to a friend's house this week and I made a new friend. Her name is Luna. No, not Luna from Harry Potter. Luna the rabbit. This is the first time I have seen anyone with a pet rabbit in deer haven since I have lived here. My friend let me hold her for a long time and I was loving it. It made me miss the days when I had bunny rabbits. Luna is super mellow too and loves to be held, so I was happy. I told my friend that when I am having a hard day that I want to come over and hold Luna from now on. She said I could for sure do that, so I am pretty happy about that.


flux biota. said...

that's a pretty rabbit. Now I want to ditch work, go home, and play with my lil' furry rabbit-guy.

jamie hixon said...

Yay for good weather. And YAY FOR HAIRSPRAY!! I love that movie. A lot. And I am so glad you guys are performing it again. I hope you do get a better recording. The first one was good, but it would be great to hear everyone.
And that is really cool about your pilates instructor. She seems really nice and cool. I wish I had one of those, maybe it would motivate me to do pilates or yoga again. Right now I'm all about cardio, but I know yoga would be so helpful.

Lynette Mills said...

I always look forward to reading your confessions tracy..

Lori said...

Glad you had a fun and busy week and that the summer weather is upon you :) Love you.