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Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference 2012

As usual... Conference was really great. I always look forward to the counsel that we are going to be given.  I think my favorite two talks were probably most people's favorites as well. I loved Elder Holland's talk. He talked about being grateful for the blessings we receive and counseled us to not compare ourselves to others and that we have never travelled beyond the light of God's forgiveness and that we can over come our problems and receive forgiveness. SUCH a great reminder.

I also really loved President Uchtdorf's about not judging and forgiving others. He said that it comes down to 2 simple words. If you are judging others and not forgiving others... STOP IT! ha ha. I think not judging and forgiveness are things that people really struggle with, so this was also a great talk to listen to. It is something I agree with and try to live by. I also loved the bumper that he quoted that he saw on the back of someone else's car. It said "Don't judge me just because my sins are different than yours' SO TRUE!!! Such a great talk.

I also love listening to the Mormon Tabernacle choir... and looking for my friend Desiree, which I always see, but this time she didn't get many close ups. Anyway, the Saturday afternoon session they had a choir made up of Missionaries from the MTC. My co-workers had told me this week that he got his call to Chile and that he was staying in Utah. Then we went on to say that he might be in the choir but I wasn't sure because he had JUST gone into the MTC... but he was there! Everyone is so proud of him for going on a mission. He is so great.

Yep, so another great Conference weekend. Looking forward to the next general conference. 


Lori said...

I still have some catching up to do watching conference. But the talks i've listened to so far have been wonderful! Conference is the best :) You gain such a greater love and appreciation for it once you have been in the temple too.

Lynette Mills said...

I'm hoping I see Elder Archeletta in the temple one day... probably a long shot!

jamie hixon said...

I love that you never even say David Archuleta's name, it is just "he"- because we all know who you are talking about, ha!
I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk as well. I've been re-listening to conference talks at the gym.