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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sliding Down the Stairs

It's Friday night. You don't have any plans. What do you do? For these cases, Vicki and I made a list. We have already crossed a few things off of the VERY long list... and we are planning to cross them ALL off. To document our craziness, we started a blog (I know, shocker, me and blogs. But this one was all Vicki and I just told her I would help contribute). The blog is called "Only Boring People are Bored" and you can view it here.  I'm pretty excited about this whole idea because I hate just sitting around when there is nothing to do.

So this last Friday night, we are sitting around with no plans and nothing to do. We went to our list for help, but a lot of things on the list required warmer weather and it was a cold night. So I got out my sleeping bag and we took turns sliding down the stairs (which actually wasn't on our list). It was pretty entertaining. I know I'm weird.... "closet nerd" according to Jay! But hey! I have fun. Wait until you hear about the rest of the list! Ha ha ha.

After sliding down the stairs, Mindi left, Jay and I started playing Rock Band and shortly after Tina and Vicki went to bed and Jay and I watched the new "Footloose" which was pretty good. Not a boring Friday night.


Lynette Mills said...

are there any bruised behinds? it seems like it might hurt.

T-Ray said...

Ha ha ha... nope. Not for me anyway. It didn't hurt at all... just feels funny. You slide right down because of the sleeping bag.

jamie hixon said...

You guys are so funny. Your idea blog sounds great, and it is a great name. I like that quote.
I swear I am never bored, but I also might be boring. Because if I had a moment I would read or sew or paint or write or whatever. All of those things are things I do by myself, but I don't think they are boring.