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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 114

What a depressing week. Hardly anything happened... on top of that I thought pretty much everyone hated me on Sunday because I was not included or informed about anything. Which made me sad and I locked myself in my room for the next few days because I felt like nobody cared. Turns out... that doesn't help, just makes me feel more depressed and like a loser. I did finally do some organizing that I had been meaning to do for forever though, so that was good. Sounds like I need some Hawaii time.

I logged in the "Draw Something" yesterday and it told me to "nudge" all 14 people that I am playing against. I guess people are started to get tired of the game. I don't play as much as I used to. When I do play though, it is most fun to play against my mom and sister because their drawings are the best. When Rachel actually plays... her drawings are pretty good too.

Best compliment that I received this week was that I looked "sexy but appropriate". I'm pretty sure that I am going to try and shoot for that everyday. ha ha.

Weirdest conversation I had this week was at FHE on Monday. We went to dinner, there were only 4 of us and we split up in 2 cars because one girl had to go early. I drove with this guy in the ward and on the way there he says... what if the other two don't show up? I say that won't happen. Then he says... but what if it does? This would be our first date. Then I chuckle and say... I don't think that will happen, but if it does I would be okay with that too (or something like that) and he then says... "I would pay". ha ha. He is so random.

So this is all the talk between my high school friends, but this guy that I went to high school with, Ben Rattray got voted one of the most Influential people in the world for 2012. That is pretty legit. He started change.org. I was good friends with his little brother, Nick. We were in choir together. It is cool that I know people that have done awesome things with their life... like my Junior year Seminary teacher and friend wrote a children's book that hit the charts called "The year Money Grew on Trees". Oh and when I was in high school, there was this teacher all the guys had a crush on, Miss Baker. While I was going to school there she did pretty well for herself and married Jack Johnson.  Oh and let us not forget my old choir buddy that sat by my occasionally in the alto section... Katy Hudson. Yeah, she did pretty well for herself too. And I have done.... let's not talk about it.

So last night, this guy that I was kind of dating for a while came over and brought his new girlfriend. Weird. He brought her over to check out my eyelashes. Weird. Things in my life just happen to me... it is normal to me. However, when I tell other people about the stuff that happens to me, I realize that it is not so normal. Turns out most guys don't bring their girlfriend's over to their old girlfriend's house that they were only making out with a couple of months ago to talk about eyelashes. Strange. Then it dawned on me... I think my life is pretty weird. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of fascinating and awesome things about my life too, but I also believe that my life is slightly more weird than average. So I asked a few people... on a scale from 1-10, 10 being SUPER weird, where would you rate my life from what you know of me? First person told me that I was a 5. Second person told me I was a 9. Next person told me 7 and the other two people that I asked also said 7. So on a scale from 1-10... how weird would you say my life is? Just curious... because I feel like it is at the point where I could probably have a YouTube channel where people act out scenes from my life and I feel like  it could do well. ha ha. Anyway... I'm just curious what you guys think of my life.... how weird it is.

Tonight I hung out with my BFF neighbor after dinner and shopping with Tina and Vicki. Darrell and Stuart are so funny. I love hanging out with them. As soon as I walked in I was told I needed to get on facebook because Darrell posted a picture and everyone was going nuts over it. It was a cool picture... but I think it is because they are both so popular in the ward. Anyway.... it was funny. He got some pictures of me too, but I am not as popular so they didn't get any attention on facebook. Oh well. It was still a good time. This is the picture that was posted.


Lil Lizzie said...

definitely a 7. also i feel cool that i got to hear these stories last night...so thanks for upping my coolness factor ;) and remember...weird lives are more fun.

Darrell said...

I'm glad you came over. It was so fun! And I want to take a pic of you that goes viral. But for reals.

Tracy said...

Darrell! Let's make that happen. Let's go on a photoshoot together. It has been too long since I have done one. AND... Liz, so glad you came over and got to know how weird I really am. :)

Abby Wright said...

um mm 10. Honestly that book of weird men you have dated and the creepy men who find themselves around you are WEIRD!! You are not weird but I think it's that you can make anyone feel comfortable around you and then they can be themselves which we find out is THEY are weird! My husband and I always say you could do a you tube thing or be a comedic writer for all the crazy things that you go through. It's like "The Office" is happening all around you but you could start a show called "The Apartment" and have all these crazy stories!

Lynette Mills said...

The Apartment? I'd watch it!! Hey, Im noticing the cool piano in your BFF house. Its old like mine. I bet it sounds better than mine does right now. Does he have a piano guy to tune and stuff?

jamie hixon said...

That picture looks like a painting.
I don't know if I can rate your life... but I think you could definitely have a you tube channel. It would be funny if it was like kid history style. Baha!
Hey, I feel like I play Draw something 3 times a day. How could you have to nudge me? Is it broken? (That wouldn't surprise me.)
Sorry you had a bad week. "Everyone wants happiness, and nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

T-Ray said...

Mom, Yes, Darrell's piano is old. No, his piano does not sound better than yours. Your's sounds WAY better. I'm not sure Darrell's piano has ever been tuned.

Jamie, My life kid history style... I LOVE it. Oh and it told me to nudge you... but I think that might be the day all those updates happened, so I guess it was broken. Now it's not.

T-Ray said...

Oh and Abby! I love your idea... the youtube channel. I'm glad that you and Jared find my life entertaining. :)