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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rachel's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my good friend and roommate, Rachel. She came back from family vacation just in time to party it up with her girl friends in Salt Lake City. We went to dinner at "Squatters" and it was good times. I didn't know a lot of her friends that well, but it was fun getting to know them better. We had a good time.

I'm thankful to have Rachel has a friend. She is the sweetest person that would do anything for her friends. She is seriously talented and has taught me a lot. I love throwing parties and decorating and being creative with Rachel, once we get ideas going, we just bounce them off each other and the ideas just keep getting better and better. She is also a fun travel buddy. We have taken some road trips together over the past couple of years. She is fun and a great roommate. Wish she was not going to move out at the end of the summer... but I have no doubt we will still party it up. Thanks Rachel for your friendship. Happy Birthday! This next year is going to be amazing... I just know it. :)

While we were at Squatter's we watched them set up for a reality tv show they are going to be doing for "Ballet West". The whole crew was there and they were all set up and they came over to our table wanting us to sign a waver since we were in the background of where they were going to be filming.... but I was the only one that wanted to stick around... nobody else wanted to be on camera. I had already signed one of those wavers for the day too. So fascinated with reality tv shows and what really goes on behind the scenes since that might be in my future...

Here are the girls that got together for Rachel's Birthday.


jamie hixon said...

Sounds like a good time... but tell me more about this "reality TV might be in my future" business?? Are you going to be on The Mormon Bachelor or something?

T-Ray said...

Jamie, it is not the Mormon Bachelor... but it is something similar to that. I don't know if I am for sure going to get on, I have just interviewed at this point... but I will blog about it at some point.

Tracy said...

Not sure why Kayleigh's comment didn't show up but.....

"I was just about to ask about the dating show, when I read the comments on this post! That's exciting, I'm glad you got a "call back!" I'll have to text you & get more details! :D "