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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Relief Society Activity

Because of all of my recent heart to hearts about dating lately with different groups of guys and girls (including another 2 hour one last night with my neighbors and their girlfriends) I decided that everyone needed to just talk about it and that we needed to try and clear some things up between the genders to try and understand each other better. Since my calling is Relief Society Activities leader, I have control over that... therefore I decided to have this month's activity be about dating since it applies to everyone. I have actually done this before when I was the Enrichment leader years ago when I lived at the Riviera. I remember it was a huge hit because I asked guys from the ward to be on a panel and answer the girls questions about what guys are thinking on their end of dating. At the end I also raffled off each one of the guys for a date for some of the girls. Remembering how well it went last time, I decided to give it a go again.

I decided to not raffle the guys off for dates this time, and I also had the girls submit their questions to a google doc anonymously so that people didn't have to feel put on the spot. I wondered how the turn out would be this time though because I feel like it is a bit of a different ball game in an older singles ward.  Some of the questions that were submitted by the girls were:

#1- Why do the same few girls get asked out all the time while the rest of us don't. Does body image an important factor
#2- Why do some guys show interest but then not ask the girl out.
#3- How do the guys feel about the girls being forward
#4- How do you get out of the friend zone and into the relationship status?

Those are just a few... there were a lot of great questions, and all of the guys (J-Crew as I like to call them because in order from left to right it was: Josh, Jay, Jason & Joel... not planned) did a great job answering them in an honest and tactful way while still giving the girls hope and in the end I made sure the guys talked about how the most important thing everyone needs to do is to be happy with themselves and be happy where they are, because you need to be happy no matter what happens because circumstances change, but you always have the choice to be happy. And to make sure you develop a good relationship with Heavenly Father before you worry about developing a relationship with someone else because that is the most important relationship. Anyway, the Bishop came and I thought it all went really well and I hope that everyone left having gotten something out of it, whether that be hope, things they need to work on or even just a better understanding. If so, I feel like I will have done my job and made a little bit of a difference in the only way I could. I was very thankful to the guys that came and being willing to be put on the spot and answer some tuff questions with a room full of girls staring at them waiting for answers to their mysteries of dating and knowing that they could possibly offend one of them. I don't think that happened though. Anyway... I feel good about it.

I just wanted to point out what happens when you have some guys at a Relief Society Activity...

Best turn out ever! I couldn't fit everyone that was there in the pictures. :) Thanks to everyone that came.
P.S. Unfortunate that Joel happen to be picking his nose when I took the last picture. Ha!


flux biota. said...

that one guy looks like he has crazy hair. but its just a plant.

way to be, though. got a question, get an answer.

Lori said...

Way to go Tracy :) I remember I always got a better turn out when I had guys featured in my RS meetings too. Too funny.

Lynette Mills said...

good job tracy..

Kristy said...

Good idea. I would have liked to hear some of their comments.

Melissa Nickle, Owner of Blossom Sweet said...

Sorry I couldn't come, but what were their answers to those questions?

Tracy said...

Melissa, if you want to hear about the questions and answers... let's have a chat and I will tell you all about that the boys said. :)

jamie hixon said...

That was a great idea. I'm glad that you had a great turn out and that it worked without hurting anyone's feelings or anything. You should have been recording the whole thing. (Not video, maybe just audio.)