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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jazz Town

Tonight a group of us got together and went to Salt Lake to go to the Jazz Game. They played against the Pheonix Suns and this game was a big deal because depending on who won determined which team went to the play offs. Vicki and Tina went too, but they had lower bowl seats, so sadly we didn't get to see them. Vicki was cheering for the Suns (since she is from AZ) and Tina was cheering for the Jazz. We text each other at the game.

Tara and I were so excited for the game. We wanted to go all out so we made signs the night before. Tara also let me borrow one of her Jazz Jersey's and Sara brought some Jazz Tattoo's. We were set!

Not only was it a great game, but it was also an entertaining night. Here is a little summary of the night. We drove in two cars. Half of us went with Jay (me, Jay, Sara and Tara) and the other half went with Wes (Wes, Megan, Oliver and Joel). Oliver and Joel stared at us out the back window like creepers for half of the drive or more. No joke. It was funny and I think they creeped out some other people as well. Wes then had us park forever away so we walked a mile to get to the game.

Joel put one of the Jazz tattoo's on his neck. We were talking about how creepy that was and how white trash women get tattoo's there. A minute after that comment a woman on a bike went by with a tattoo on her neck.

We then were going through security. Joel was wearing a candy belt under his shirt and the beeper went off. When he was told to lift up his shirt so they could check he lifted the candy belt up with his shirt and got in.

They also checked our signs that we made to make sure they were appropriate. On the back of our "Town" sign it said "You Suck". They wouldn't let us bring it in. Thankfully Tara had brought the marker and we convinced him to let us still take it in if we blacked it out. It took us a while to get it black enough that they would let us take it in. Thank goodness, or else our signs wouldn't have made sense.

Next, we found our seats. Section 125 on row 12. In that HUGE Energy Solutions Center of THOUSANDS of people... I go to take my seat and I recognize the people next to me. It is Pete Paulous and his wife and one of his brothers was there too. I know Pete from Dinkey Creek and I had not seen him in YEARS! I tend to run into him in the most random places (Mona Pond, MTC/ TRC) we caught up on each other's families and it turns out that Joel knew him as well. When we left we told each other that we would see each other in another couple years in another random place. What are the chances? It was awesome.

Oliver is ADHD and feels like he can't just sit there and watch a fun game, so he read a book on his phone.

Wes was cheering for the Suns (we are still not sure why because he is not from there). PS I made that sign. I was proud of it when I was done.

We tried really hard to make it on the big screen with our signs we worked so hard on... but we didn't, until after the game was over and everyone was leaving.

And then we won! Jazz - 100 Suns - 88. Which means the Jazz are going to the Play Offs! Go Jazz!

This is me and Jay's excited that they won face.

Yep... that sums up the night. It was a lot of fun. So glad Tara and I decided to get a group together. Here are some other pictures from the night.

All of us girls (the only ones that got decked out)! I was the only one without glasses so Oliver let me borrow his for the picture. ha ha.

The Whole Group.


jamie hixon said...

I like your shirt, an I like your sign! Nice work. Dan and I went to a Suns game once here in Phoenix. We were in the nosebleeds as well. It was a fun experience. I still think it is crazy that you sat next to a Dinkey Creek buddy. Ha.
PS The creeper picture is hilarious.

Lori said...

Good times! I went to a Suns game in AZ once with Camie and her family :) Funny, I think the only Jazz game I went to was with the Paulos family.
Your signs came out awesome! You should have totally made the big screen for those!