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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 113

This last week has been pretty uneventful. Well... at least as far as work goes. Last Friday we went to the movies for work. We went to see "Mirror Mirror" which was... interesting. It was cheesy... but it was kind of cute. The end turned into this Bollywood music video though.... which weirded me out. Anyway... Monday we got taken out to lunch to this yummy Japanese place and this was after Lauren and I worked out at the gym. We told them we didn't want to miss the gym so they let us do both. This week has been especially slow because it is spring break for a lot of the schools so a lot of people take it off to vacation with their kids. Anyway... Lauren and I have spent this week taking walks outside in the sun, going to the gym, walking up the stairs, watching the news on the 8th floor... I took a nap in the nap room for like a half hour, I sometimes go to our conference room and sit in the window to soak in some sun, today the 3 of us that were there ate a late lunch together in the conference room... Wednesday afternoon Lauren and I were the only ones in the office..... so I put myself in charge and I let us leave work early after we took a long walk together. Yep, that is how slow it has been because everyone else is gone. When everyone else is gone, there is almost no point in anyone being there. Oh well. I got paid to do all of these things.

I think I have already blogged about everything else that has happened in the last week. I know, my exciting life lately. ha ha. So I think I will blog about someone's life that is much more exciting than mine. My BFF Neighbor, Darrell. He is seriously one of my favorite people. Whenever I am bored, I just go over to his house to talk. I always know if he is there or not because they leave their blinds open and if he is home, he is sitting in the front room sitting on the couch on his computer... probably reading my blog (j/k) along with his other roommates. Darrell is a great BFF neighbor because he takes me shopping with him so I can help pick out his clothes and he also let's me pluck his eyebrows so he doesn't have a uni-brow and he mostly takes it like a champ. I tell him I am only trying to help him with the ladies (not that he needs the help) the ladies are always all about Darrell. We always tell our guy/girl drama to each other. Anyway, there are lots of reasons I love having Darrell as my BFF neighbor. When I said I wanted to talk about someone else's life that was more exciting than my own, bringing up my BFF neighbor was sarcastic. His life is not that exciting, to the point that it is amusing. Case #1- his blog is called "Lazy by choice". Probably the most exciting thing that has happened for him lately is when he bought all those beehives and fixed them up and thinking he was going to make a major profit off of them and didn't realize how much it was going to take for the project. #beehivedrama.

On Saturday I went to go dump my trash. As I walk out to the dumpster, I see Darrell working on his car. I walk over and told him I didn't know he knew how to fix cars and I didn't take him as the type that would know how to do that because he is lazy and kind of nerdy (in a good way, D knows I love him) and I notice he has his laptop out there, but no music playing (which is the only reason I could think of why you would bring your laptop outside with you to work on your car). Darrell then says, yeah... I totally fix cars. I brought my laptop out because I looked up how to do it and it says it is pretty easy so I am just following step by step instructions. This made me laugh. Who does that with fixing cars. Darrell does. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me. I asked him how it was working out for him. Not very well. We chat for a while and he ends up getting frustrated and going inside. He tells me he will call his dad. His dad doesn't live here, I told him to call a dude in the ward that was good with cars, for example Jay. I had just found out that he was good with cars cause he told me he put one back together. I told Darrell that and of course he didn't take my advice. Lucky for him, he and all of his roommates were trying to figure out how to fix his car later on and Jay happened to walk by and ask what they were doing. Jay asks if he could take a look and ends up fixing it in like 10 minutes and saved Darrell money from having to replace the part and taking it in to get it fixed. He should have listened to me. Maybe you had to be there, but I thought the whole story was funny.

On Sunday I reminded him that it is now rocking chair season (a couple of years ago he bought a rocking chair off ksl from an old man and it now sits on his porch and during the warm season you will find Darrell out there rocking out). Tara and I put a blanket out on the grass and decided to lay out in the sun. Darrell joins us on his rocking chair. Things got quiet and I told him to tell me a story. Conversation then goes something like this...

D: "Okay, you want to hear a story from my teenage years?"
Me: "Oh yeah, this should be good. Let's hear it" *thinking how appropriate it was since he was sitting in a rocking chair*
D: " Okay... so when I was in high school, I was the Jr. Prom co-chair..."
 *I listen intently as he tells me all about how they decorated and how it is a big deal and all the parents come and dance and yada yada. I figure he is just giving me the background and setting up the story*
Me: " Cool. So then what happened?"
D: "That was it. I was the Jr. Prom co-chair... kind of a big deal"
I just started laughing because this was Darrell telling me about his teenage years.

These things about Darrell really make me laugh and make my day. I am proud to say he is my BFF Neighbor... but I am not going to lie, there are things I am trying to work on with him, bless his heart. The biggest thing is me trying to make his life more exciting. :)


Lori said...

Glad you have a good friend in the neighborhood :) Funny that your 113 confessions in on Friday the 13th! Is he the one you sing with? He is so nice.

Tracy said...

No.... Darrell doesn't sing. We play guitar together sometimes. Wes is the one I sing with... also a dear friend that is very nice.

Kayleigh said...

I saw Mirror Mirror on Friday with my brothers. It was so stupid! The whole time I was like "did I really pay money to see this?!" I think the only things I liked were some of the clothes, mainly Julia Roberts' dress, and how Snow's bangs were styled when she was wearing the blue top & black pants. Haha!

Darrell said...

Woot woot!! This is the best blog post ever!! Not that I am biased...

jamie hixon said...

He should be Mr. Rogers for Halloween. "Won't you be my neighbor?" No, he seems like a good guy.
PS I don't want to see EITHER of the Snow White movies. Maybe someday on Netflix or on accident at somebody's house. I should really start finishing my screenplays so the world will have good movies to watch. ;)