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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 177

Happy Independence Day! I'm at Dinkey Creek... so  it's not going to be very festive for me. People will wear patriotic shirts (including myself) and the kitchen was decorated and the kids did patriotic crafts... that's about it. I sure do love my country, even if I don't get to celebrate with fireworks this year. Good thing there are lots of other fireworks throughout the summer.

So it was my turn to stay late for Q-End. I was only there until 9, and it actually wasn't too painful. It was just me and Ron and he said he would order whatever I wanted for dinner since I am on a diet... so I got a Cafe Rio salad minus everything that makes it a million calories. Then we put on Netflix and I tried to get Ron into the show The Walking Dead. I think he liked it... then we got into a deep discussion about work and I vented things I had been keeping in for over a year and it was so great! ha ha. So, it was nice to have one on one time with Ron. I really have great co-workers that are caring and supportive.

Saturday I was all by my lonesome because ALL of my roommates were out of town. So... I took down the fort, which was super sad (it always is) and I decided to be super productive. I got my hair done, I cleaned and organized. I actually ended up going through a lot of my stuff and got a HUGE trash pile and a big pile to DI. That always feels so great to me. I didn't even go through everything. I could probably get another big trash and DI pile. Maybe when I get back from vacation. Sometimes it is amazing to me the stuff that I hold on to. I think to myself... why am I holding on to that again? Seriously. Look!

Weight loss... I actually didn't weigh myself this week... just busy I guess, but I didn't even need to when I fit into my red pants. I have been waiting for that for a long time, so I was pretty excited about that. Obviously... since I did a whole blog post on it. I even posted it on the little facebook support group for my program.

Sunday I went into Sunday school late... there was only one seat left in the back, so I took it. It was next to this guy. A cute guy. I could see from the corner of my eye that he kept looking over at me. Then he leaned over and said "Hey, nice to see you again." I then looked at him. I did recognize him now that he said that, but I had no idea why. I am usually pretty good with faces. I didn't know his name or where I knew him from but I just responded "Ya, you too." then he said "It's been a while" he obviously recognizes me... I don't know what else to say except "Ya, it has" and then I look back at the teacher teaching Sunday School. I can still see him continuing to look at my from the corner of my eye. I try not to make eye contact because it is awkward... even though he is super cute. He then leans over again "Remind me of your name again?" oh... so he doesn't remember me either? ha ha "Tracy" I say. "Are you from Salem?" remember this is in the middle of Sunday School... "No, I'm from Santa Barbara". He says "Oh.... I will talk to you more after class". Good idea. Throughout the rest of class he still continues to look at me and direct all of is comments towards me. After class I ask him if he is new in the ward. He tells me he is visiting. We still have no idea where we met, however he tells me he is trying to be more social and asks me for my name and phone number. I understand wanting to add me on facebook... but he didn't have to get my number. That would mean he is interested right? Let's hope. That would be nice. He added me on facebook that night, but I have yet to get a call or text from him. I also went on this date with this hunk on Monday. Super tall and handsome, good Mormon guy, EMT/ Firefighter. We talked for 4 hours and had a blast. Both really into it. I REALLY hope he wants to go out again. However... with my luck these days, both will lead nowhere. What am I doing wrong? Really don't know. Maybe I need someone to observe my dates. ha ha

Ok, this is hilarious. So my nephew, Asher, has this Nintendo game. It's Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. He loves it. Anyway... one day he reaches this part of the game and sees a picture on the wall of the game. He tell his parents, "Hey, it's Joseph Smith". I guess he had just recently seen a picture of Joseph Smith in a magazine or something. At first you think... oh that is just silly... what imaginations kids have. Then you look closer. He may be a Lego... but he has the same pose, hair, clothes, book, etc.. I really think it is Lego Joseph Smith. I would have never caught that. Way to be observant Asher! I wonder how many LDS people have noticed. Here is a screen shot of the game.

Here is the real picture of Joseph Smith. See?

I was doing really well with not getting sick after getting sick over and over and over again with every different virus this winter. Monday I was achy all day and had a headache. Tuesday I was the same, but when I tried to get out of bed, I would almost pass out and would quickly have to lay down on the floor. I tried on and off for like an hour before I was finally able to get up and get ready so I could go into work. I was worried since that is the day I was flying to Dinkey Creek. I felt crappy, but I made it. Wednesday, same thing... almost passed out when I got out of bed, achy, headache. Then we went to Shaver Lake (my favorite) and I just layed down for most of the day and got some sun and got in the water. I started to feel better! Finally. I was nervous I did not know what was wrong with me. Then this morning I woke up with a soar throat... but then it went away. Hopefully I'm not moving on to something else. Just let me enjoy my vacation already!

PS have I mentioned how great it is to be back at Dinkey Creek? It has been almost a decade since I have been here, but it feels like just yesterday. Things are almost exactly the same. Although this is the warmest it has ever been and the lowest the water has ever been... but I'm in the cabin by the creek with my parents, we keep the window open and I fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the running water in the creek. In fact I'm on the top bunk, so I can see perfectly out the window too. I love it. So many great memories here. I love it here.  I will write all about it when I'm back.

The weather has been so hot everywhere. I don't remember it being THIS hot in Utah in a LONG time. We went from the coldest Winter to the Hottest Summer. It has been over 100 right before I left for Dinkey Creek. It was 106 when I landed in Fresno. It was been 115 and higher in Arizona! It is just too hot! Time to play in the water.... and see if maybe I can get a tan without burning. HA!


jamie hixon said...

I think Dinkey Creek would be a perfect place to be for the fourth of July... both nostalgic. :)

I really am amazed at Asher's brain. I know he is my son, but seriously. He has a cult following on facebook.

McKay Salisbury said...

What level is that picture of Joseph Smith on? Can you provide more information other than "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean"?

Anonymous said...

King George's Palace. After you escape the main ball room you descend some stairs and the portrait is on the right.