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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bonfire's & Ghost Stories

Another activity from our "13 Days of Halloween". We went up the Canyon and built a bonfire, made S'mores and told scary stories. Seems cheesy, but that's what we did. Regardless if I enjoyed the stories or not, I always love a good bonfire and S'mores AND good company.


Des said...

Ohhh I love Bon fires! And I love ghost stories! In one, this is perfection!

How fun!

I was at a bon fire and had S'mores this past weekend. No ghost stories though.

jamie hixon said...

The first time I heard the story of Sweeney Todd I was in Elementary School and we were assigned to tell scary stories before Halloween. I'm not sure I like scary stories. Unless they are set to music. I liked ST much better when I heard it being SUNG.

Looks like you had fun!

Lori said...

I love bon fires too. I went to a lot of them in Hawaii on the beach. Good times :)