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Friday, October 8, 2010

Slumber Party!

Last night one of my VERY good friends was in town. KIRSTEN!!!  I had not seen her in almost a year, which is WAY too long without seeing each other. It does make things a little more difficult that she lives in San Francisco.  Anyway, we first went to dinner with her little brother. He just got back from his mission in Australia. So we ate at the Outback Steakhouse. You know... so he would feel at home. Kirsten didn't tell either one of us before we went out... but she wanted us to meet and hang out so that we will one day get married. Its actually the perfect plan. This way, we can be sisters. Her brother just needs to get on board now. First step has been taken, we are facebook friends. He is fresh off the mission and back in school and painfully shy, so we will see if things go according to our plan. I will let you know. ha ha.

After dinner, we went back to my house for our slumber party! I love slumber parties. We talked until midnight and then watched a chick flick. I made her a bed out of couch cushions, a foam pad and blankets. We stayed up super late. It felt like Friday, but unfortunately it wasn't... so I had to go to work this morning, but I used some of my paid time off (which I still had plenty of surprisingly) and went into work at 11am. So not only did I get a fun sleep over with one of my good friends that I never see anymore, but I also got to sleep in on Friday! Life is good. I had to leave before she did, so we said goodbye and when I got home from work I found the sweetest note ever on my bed from her. It made my day.

What a treat. Its not very often that I get to have a sleep over with one of my married friends. Kirsten, thanks for making time for me on your very short visit in Utah. Thank you for being such an amazing, loyal and supportive friend. I do wish we lived closer so that we could shop and see movies together like we used to, but I am so glad that we have made an effort to see each other despite the fact that we live in different states. Friends like you do not come around everyday, so thank you for being a part of my life. For being there for me when I am struggling, but also getting excited with me when I do things like go to India. :o) I love you lots. It would be awesome to be sisters one day.... but if not, we will always be good friends.

P.S. My room is the best for slumber parties, and I'm a great hostess, so let me know if you want to be the next one to have a slumber party. :o)

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Dallas and Kirsten said...

You are too sweet! I love our little plan :) Thanks so much for our slumber party. It was SO good to spend time with you and hear all about your incredible trip to India. Love and miss you already!!