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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 37

I meant to write this a lot earlier in the day... like I normally do, but lets be honest, it has been really busy. It's Quarter End at work right now, so I have not had a lot of time at work to write blog posts as I usually do... like confessions on Thursday's. Today I wanted to poke my eyes out. I just kept being handed more and more stuff and not being able to get things done fast enough. I hate feeling behind. Some of the stuff I was being handed was really confusing which also made it really annoying. Thank goodness I have my own office. This way I can listen to music and sing. This helps me not stress out. Its amazing how well it works. Music does wonders for me. On top of that, I have been going to bed at 2 am every night this week and it has really been catching up to me. I have been having a hard time staying awake at work. I have been really tempted to go use the nap room at work, but that room still creeps me out just a little. A dark room with a bed in it sounds so appealing though when you are falling asleep at work. One day.... maybe....

It already feels like Winter. It is SO depressing. It snowed on Monday night and Tuesday morning. I almost started to cry. I have been wearing my Ugg Boots almost every day this week. It's totally depressing. I mean... I love my Ugg's and all, I just feel like it is too early to be wearing them. You know? *sigh* I have a feeling I will be taking many weekend trips to warm places this Winter.

You know what gets me madder than a hornet? (that was for my friend Jessica O... who always says that, and I love it) Coming home to a messy house. Seriously. I don't care what your room looks like, but the common area's need to be clean. ESPECIALLY the kitchen. I feel like the house maid. I am the only one that dumps the trash. Usually the only one that gets the mail and empties the dishwasher. Only one that wipes the counter and mops the floor. It gets old... fast. Especially when your roommates  cook 24/7. The past couple of days I have not been cleaning it up. I keep thinking someone has got to break down and do it. Today I came home from my crazy, wanting to poke my eyes out day at work and the kitchen not only did not get better, it got worse! I would have cleaned it up if I had time.... but I don't. I was running from one thing to the next today. When I got home from activity #1, I walked into the kitchen... still messy. Not only are the dishes piling up in the sink, but a lot of them are not even washed! GROSS!!  I keep thinking, maybe they are just busy and they are going to clean up after themselves when they have time. Nope. I came home and one was on the computer and the other one was playing the Wii. I think I may even be busier than they are, yet I still have time to be the house maid and not get paid for it. So... I work full time, go running, my calling (FHE) meetings, visiting teaching, Tutoring, Institute and other social activities and all church activities (all that my roommates don't attend) and then on top of that, in order to use the kitchen, I have to clean up after everyone else so that I can eat. Awesome. Times like these that I wish I could live by myself. Or trade out my roommates. Is that really mean of me to say? Sorry. I'm worn out.

This month has been SO crazy go nuts! I didn't even go out of town any of the weekends. It just flew by. I would say that next month will be more relaxed, but that would be a lie. I don't know when it will slow down for me. I feel like I have been going this way for months! In a way I really love it. It brings a lot of excitement to my life. On the other hand, I used to be very good at leading a very balanced life (I felt like) and I feel it is becoming a little unbalanced. Weighing VERY heavy on the social side. Which is not bad... and I love it, which is why I do it, but I do think I need to put a little bit more time back in to other things.... sleep being one of them. ha ha. I will work on that. Add that to my list of goals.

I think I found my next trip I want to go on next year at some point. I would be happy to go on more than one, especially if one involves Europe. But I am thinking sometime next year going to Egypt! Wouldn't that be awesome. Anyone want to go? Gate 1 (the same people I did the India tour through) have some AMAZING deals for Egypt. I would love to ride a camel to the pyramids. Think about it and let me know... although.... most of my readers are married and have kids... I think most of my readers are anyway. This is just a thought. Traveling is always on my mind.

So I went to Tutoring by myself on Tuesday. I ended up sitting next to two other girls there to tutor. We had 3 little boys come over and we all read together. When it came time to play games... I don't know who picked out the game, but the boys came back with the game "Battle of the Sex's". These boys were probably a little too young for this game, they were not going to know any of the answers most likely, but I think the game appealed to them because we play boys against girls. We ended up not really playing the game, but just reading the questions to each other to see who could get them. It was my turn to read one of the questions off of the card to the boys. The question was something like... What do you call putting semi-permanent color in your eyelashes , or something like that. I think the boys thought that I said or meant what do you use to do this. Real Answer? Tinting. Their answer? A Sharpie! We just busted up laughing for a few minutes. Just get a mental picture in your head of getting up in the morning and using a sharpie to color your eyelashes. It is a funny picture in my head, not sure about you. I love the kids at tutoring. Half the fun of going is just listening to them. All kinds of funny things come out of their mouths.


Abby Wright said...

Do your roommates read your blog? I hope not:) I love the sharpie comment. It was like yesterday when I wore fake eye lashes. Jared asked how my lashes grew so fast I said they were fake and he couldn't figure out where I could get fake eye lashes and who would give me their lashes. AND I would love to go to Egypt! But you are right kid=no $ :)

politicchic6 said...

I think it is time for the passive agressive notes, or the out and out chit chat about commons areas and cleaing. How old are these girls?

Melissa Nickle, Owner of Blossom Sweet said...

Aren't your roommates your friends? And as such don't they read your blog?

T-Ray said...

Tina reads it sometimes, but I am not talking about her. The other ones don't read it.

Kayleigh said...

The sad thing about the Sharpie? I used to know of a girl who used it instead of eyeliner. Scary!