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Sunday, October 3, 2010

October General Conference

This weekend was General Conference. As always... it was amazing, felt the spirit strongly in a lot of the talks. Sadly, I didn't get to prepare for conference as much this time as I got to last time. But the conference ended with me wanting to be a better person.

I took notes on my laptop again. That is still working well for me. I know that everyone gets something different out of conference, but it is interesting that there are themes throughout conference even though they are not assigned topics and totally write their talk by the spirit of what they should speak on. I felt like the main theme's for this conference were Agency (making righteous decisions), Faith & Obedience. These themes actually made me think of our recent regional conference. In one of the talks they told us, "You are doing better than you think you are doing, but you are not doing good enough". With how many times they mentioned Faith, Obedience and how we are using our agency... it made me think if I am being too casual with the gospel. Is it number #1 in my life? Am I doing all the small things I am supposed to? Am I making good decisions? If the Savior was standing right beside me, would he be pleased with my decisions. Am I making a good name for myself?

I love that we have General Conference every 6 months. It is amazing how much we can get off track in that amount of time or just need the reminder again. Honestly, if you are mentally and spiritually taking in what the prophet and apostles have to say.... there is no way that you end conference without wanting to change and be a better person. And that is what it is all about. Being humbled, repenting, building our faith and coming unto Christ.

I had many favorite talks, but one of my top favorites was by Elder Scott. He talked about how this life is a proving ground. He talked about building a righteous character and how faith goes hand in hand with that.  We are given trials and need faith to get through those trials. This builds our character. Part of a righteous character is having faith. The bedrock of character is integrity. This is what brings happiness on earth and brings eternal salvation. Satan can not alter your character made by righteous decisions. These things can be lost by giving into temptations, but not because he has power over you. Faith in our Savior. Repentance. Obedience to the Lord. Selfless Service . This builds a righteous character. How are we using our time on earth and what are we doing to build our character?

I could go on and on because conference was so great, but I wanted to touch on just one of my favorites. I am thankful for Modern Day prophets that are here to lead us and guide us in these latter days and tell us what we need to hear right now... today. I am thankful for their encouragement. I am thankful for a loving God that doesn't expect perfection and is forgiving and gives us a living prophet that gives us the tools and love and encouragement to stay strong and on the right path. We are truly blessed.
I hope that you all were spiritually fed and heard exactly what you needed in Conference this weekend. 


politicchic6 said...

I have discovered I like LISTENING to conference rather than watching it. I get a lot more out of it if I am not distracted by actually having to see it. Odd, I know. So we listened to it on the radio this year and have decided that might be a new tradition.

The Hatch Family said...

I too, love listening to conference, on my ipod. Its tough to hear the talks with the kids running around, but it was a wonderful conference, from the snippets I could hear. I'm trying to keep the spirit with me from it.

THE LIZARD'S said...

yes, i agree.. i have started a list of things I am going to change and work on about myself!

Jenni and Mitch Miller said...

Thanks for this post! You are such a great example. :) xo

jamie hixon said...

Amen, sister!
I too noticed the themes. I took physical notes on paper because that works better for me. I'm making an extra effort to be grateful for everything.