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Friday, October 15, 2010

Haunted Candy Houses

As part of our celebration of "13 Days of Halloween" we made and decorated Haunted Candy Houses. I probably ate as much candy as I ended up putting on the house.

"One for me, one for the house. Two for me, one for the house......"

Here is how it turned out.


Bre said...

no way! You know, Ali? Love that girl and I love how our worlds collide. Is she living with Loralie?

Lori said...

I love Halloween candy! Nice job on the house!

T-Ray said...

No, she is not living with Lorelie. Is that when you knew her? When she did live with Lorelie? She is also one of our Institute teachers. Ali is awesome. :o) I love that our worlds collide.

jamie hixon said...

Nice. I've never thought of making a candy house for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Those are intense!