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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Dinner

Tonight I had a break from putting on FHE, so I thought it would be fun to have a little pumpkin dinner like I did last year. In fact... I think I want it to be one of my new traditions that I do every year. I of course made one of my favorite soups "Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup". Also made corn bread and then Jeanna & Mieka brought a salad.  It was a simple, delicious and fun meal. Soup and Corn bread are perfect for this rainy weather we have been having too.

It was nice to have a small dinner and catch up with friends. We then got a little goofy.

Cheers to the pumpkins! And being Festive!

After we were done eating and sitting around chatting, I thought... well, why not carve the pumpkins? I mean, they are already scooped out. The hardest part was over. Sure they are small, but you can still carve something in it. So we did... well, except for Tina. She is not festive.

P.S. I carved an owl in my pumpkin, not a cat.

All in all a fun night with some fun girls. After they left, I watched "Monster House" with another friend. Cute Halloween movie for anyone who has not seen it.


Jalise Hinton said...

Yum! All the fun you have without me!!

Lynette Mills said...

I can tell it's an owl! Good job!

jamie hixon said...

I don't know if Asher is ready for Monster House. Cute pumpkin carving! Did you get it off of a site or make it up on your own. I am not good at carving.

T-Ray said...

pattern that came pumpkin carving kit. :o) I think I will try something more complex for my big pumpkin.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

I love all your fun ideas! Good job at being festive...I'm not feeling the Halloween vibe this year. Maybe because I hate scary movies and that is the only thing on TV lately!!

rachel v. said...

haha I think we had the exact same owl pattern- but yours turned out WAY better than mine. I love it!

THE LIZARD'S said...

i am so amazed as to how you always find the neatest recipes..salsa sassy soup?! so.. your pumpkins skills are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than mine. you guys are so good. that pirate ship is my fav and it looks so detailed. mad props to your friends! glad you have been busy but sad it snowed already. ha. i need to email you!