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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 35

Yesterday and today, I don't have to go to work. Last week I checked on my paid time off to see where I was at after my India trip. Turns out that I still had 100 hours and our fiscal year ends at the end of this month. Conclusion, I had 4 more days that I needed to take off before the end of this month or I would lose them. I am not sure how this is even possible after all the trips I have taken this summer... but its true. So I talked to my boss and he told me I should take them. I told him that I didn't have anywhere to go, so he told me to just relax at home. So that is what I am doing. I am taking two days this week and two days next week. I only take days off of work to go on vacation, so its kind of nice to take some time off to just be at home and get other things done. Although, I had plans to be a lot more productive than I am actually being. I think that I am more productive when I am already busy... I think I manage my time better. So today, I am cleaning and organizing. Not that is different than any other time. I am ALWAYS cleaning up after my roommates. It gets old, but I continue to do it because I would rather have things clean than dirty. I do get grossed out how dirty girls are though. Out of all the many roommates that I have had, hardly any of them have been clean. How sad for them and their future households.

I just found out yesterday that my high school alumni choir didn't make it into Candlelight this year at Disneyland. I have been doing it for the past 13 years (since I was a freshman in high school). I never thought this day would come. What the heck! I am totally depressed. Seriously. I was totally planning on going this year like I do every year. I love it so much that I fly home every year that weekend just to do it. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I will probably cry on December 5th when I know Candlelight is going on and I am not singing at it for the first time in 14 years. *tear rolling down cheek*

I went to Institute last night for the first time since they started it back up again. There were SO many people there. When I first moved into this stake 4 years ago, hardly anyone went to Institute. There were maybe 30 people that would go. Now... it is the social happening of the week. They serve food after Institute and they have 3 teachers now that are our age. Two team teach in the big lecture room and then teaches in a smaller classroom now. Its pretty crazy how many people that are there. It is so fun though. I'm glad people go now.

On Monday we had Family Home Evening at the Nelson home (high counsel) and we were joined with another group. When trying to plan things with the group leader (we are both pretty much solo with leadership of our groups) I had told him that I had already asked someone to give the lesson, so he said he would take care of the activity. Note to self, NEVER let this individual plan the activity again if joined with their group in the future. When it came time to play the game, he got really excited and said that we were going to play the game "Winkem" which I guess was one of his favorite games growing up. He goes on to explain the rules. He told us that the girls sit in chairs formed in a circle. The guys then stand behind the girls and stare down at them. This is when people started to get creeped out. The girls didn't really want to be stared at from behind and the guys didn't want to be creepers. He continues with the rules. There is one guy that doesn't have a girl in front of him, so he has to look around the room at the other girls. He picks a girl and winks at them and then the girl has to go to his seat when he winks at her, but the guy behind her has to grab her and hold her down so that she can't go anywhere. When he explained that part, right away... two girls dropped out of the game. Lets be honest, nobody really wanted to play, but we didn't want to make the guy who planned the game feel bad. So the rest of us played. The game was so awkward. The girls would get up and go to the guy that winked at them and never have a problem because the guys didn't want to be creepy and grab them and keep them in their chair. The guys would pretend to try and grab the girls, then say "shucks, you got away" and then there was an awkward pause because the choices of who they could wink at were girls that were already creeped out and Brother Nelson's wife. Then I got winked at by the guy who taught us this game. When I got winked at by someone else I went to get up and I was grabbed and slammed back down in my seat. I was not going anywhere! ha ha. I couldn't see the look on his face since he was behind me, but everyone said it was this grin like I was not going ANYWHERE. It was SOOO creepy. I didn't know what else to do but laugh. I ended up laughing so hard that I was crying, which kind of helped with the awkwardness of it all, because people could laugh at me. We were not sure how long we should play the game so that the guy would see we gave it a shot, but not long enough that the awkwardness had to continue any longer. It didn't last too much longer. Thank goodness. But then one of the guys made a comment how this game compared to how he felt about his dating life. Awkward.

At tutoring on Tuesday, Sara and I went and sat and helped one of our favorite girls. She is 12 or 13 and has been going to tutoring since we have been doing it (8 months). She loves Justin Bieber! So she always brings her teeny bopper magazines. I was looking through one of them to get caught up on my teen pop culture news, so I know what the kids are talking about.  This little boy that was sitting across from me (maybe 7 years old) getting help from someone else looks at me looking at this magazine. All the sudden he asks me: "Are you looking for a boyfriend?"
 I laugh and  say no.
 He continues, "Well, are you married?"
 Me- "No".
 Little boy: "Well, you should find a husband in there".
Me: *giggling* "Okay, do you want to pick one out for me then?"
Little boy: Looking through the magazine then stops on a page and points to a picture "That guy" (Taylor Lautner)

Me: "Really? Why?"
Little boy: "Because the chicks dig him"
Sara: "It's legal, I think he is 20"
Me: "Oh, well, okay then. Done and Done. That is how old the guys that usually ask me out are anyway."

I love the kids at tutoring. 


Anonymous said...

Haha! Awesome story about that kid thinking you should marry Taylor Lautner. Kids crack me up.

Lori said...

how nice to have some days off. what a very weird game you played at fhe... old fashion fun i guess :) i remember reading teen mags- long time ago, how funny.

Lynette Mills said...

That story reminds me of the game they played at my 40th birthday party. Dad and I get under a blanket... someone smacks me with a rolled up newspaper... I try and guess who it was. If i can't guess they do it again. All along it's dad who is hitting me while he is kneeling beside me under the blanket. BAD GAME

Kristy said...

Taylor is a good pick. I think it would be barely legal but he's pretty cute.

jamie hixon said...

A) that game sounds pretty intense.
B) I love days off!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I don't get many. You have a great employer.
C) If you married Taylor Lautner you would have cute babies. Probably.
D) I'm sad about Candlelight too. I wonder if Mr. Huber will try again next year?

T-Ray said...

Mr Huber said in the email that he would try again next year.... and I hope this never happens again!

Dallas and Kirsten said...

You're not singing at Candlelight!? I'm so sad! I was looking forward to watching you in it. And by the way...younger men are totally the way you should go :)

THE LIZARD'S said...

LOL.. your mom's comment is HIlarIOUS@!!! what is up with these NON0-sensical games?!!! Just call the game.. "Jeepers Creepers"!!! so weird. GOod thing you laughed to get all the stress off of things. And...dang.. congrats on your new BF ...slash Husband... he's quite the catch!