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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Lizzie

Tonight there was a ladies special for dinner at "Dear Lizzie" since the boys had the priesthood session to attend. So a few of us went to go check it out. It is SO cute. Kind of like the Cafe my friend and I want to start in Provo. Except, Dear Lizzie is also a boutique where you can buy home decor and clothes that are vintage looking and such. The meal was pretty good, but the desserts were delicious. All the stuff in the store was super cute.... it was just SO expensive. Why do I love things that are so pricey? Story of my life.

While we were checking out the clothes and browsing around, I got a hug attack by someone. She caught me by surprise and I didn't see who was hugging me at first.... until I heard her voice. It was Cherry!!! I love her! I know Cherry from back in my home ward in Santa Barbara. She was one of my young women's leaders and my dear friend. In my first year of college, we would go jogging in the mornings. After I moved away, we had a tradition that every time I would come home, we would go to see a movie together. Sadly that has not happened in a LONG time. In fact... I didn't even get to see her last time I was home. So running into her at this cute shop when I didn't even know she was visiting Utah, was SUCH a treat! We spent a while catching up and then we said her goodbyes. Always SO good to see Cherry. Love her! What a great night.


Holly said...

Okay, that place looks supercute, I love vintage stuff. And cupcakes. So a place that has both? Wow. And how fun that you saw Cherry! What a great coincidence!

Dallas and Kirsten said...

how cute! Where is this?

Caytlin said...

I love Cherry :) What a fun surprise!

T-Ray said...

Dear Lizzie is in Highland! If you are ever in the are, you should check it out.

Lori said...

I just ran into Cherry yesterday! Although that is not to weird since we are both in SB- but it doesnt happen often :)

jamie hixon said...

I love Cherry too! Hug attacks are always good. And that store looks AWESOME.
Liking expensive things= story of my life too.