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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Haiku

Today my Stake put on an all day & night activity at Aspen Grove. This included meals, activities, classes, speaker, karaoke (don't worry, I was one of the first to participate), a comedy act AND a dance! As we first drove up there, it had just stopped raining and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I took some pictures and decided I want to write a Haiku about it. Here it goes.

Why do I love Fall?
Too many things I could share
But lets list a few

Beautiful Colors
Leaves of Green, Yellow and Red
Falling to the Ground

Fashion at its Best!
Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold
Coats, Boots, Scarves and Hats

I love Halloween
Different Costume Every Year
Dressing up is Fun!

What About the Food?
Pumpkin. Cider. Soups. Candy.
Taste buds are Happy

That's Why I love Fall
The Only Thing I Don't Like
It's Not Long Enough!


Kel said...

clouds are amazing in that pic

Lynette Mills said...

Like it!

jamie hixon said...

I completely agree with your sentiments. I also love Aspen Grove, and I want to know what you sang for your karaoke song.

T-Ray said...

Hakuna matata! ha ha