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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 36

 Today is like Friday, because tomorrow I am not coming to work. I also didn't come to work on Monday. Two long weekends in a row. Pretty nice. Only having to work 3 days in a week is pretty awesome. It ends this week though, because my paid time off will be used. Then starts quarter end next week, and who knows what hours that will bring me. One thing I do know that quarter end will bring me though, is lots of free food and a free movie the week after that.

I finally decided to get a gmail account. Why? I gave into peer pressure. I already have two email accounts, so I didn't see why I needed another one. I totally see the perks to gmail though. One of the reasons I was convinced to join is that gmail would transfer all of my contacts and emails from both of my other accounts and I don't have to go through the hassle of telling everyone I changed my email address. They can still write me there. Need to get a hold of me via email? Not hard. ha ha, you can write me at 4 different email address now. At work (@novell.com) or you can write me @yahoo (that's my funny name  email because I set it up in high school) @cox.net (this is the one my dad set up for me... which I wonder if this is going to end now they are going to be moving to Utah since I don't think cox goes to Utah) AND now @gmail.com. Kind of funny and unnecessary all at the same time. Other perks to gmail... you can chat with your other friends that have gmail. It also gives you a google account (which you don't need a gmail account to have a google account). Nice things about having a google account.... you could comment on my blog #1. Also... you can have a google Calendar where you can organize your time (I need that) and Google Reader is pretty awesome too... keep up to date on all the websites you read without necessarily having to go to the site. Tells you when they update. You can also send out google doc's. I have found this most helpful when planning events or trips with friends. You can all communicate on the doc while you are all at work! Its pretty sweet if you have not tried it yet. Hi Gmail & Google! Thanks for being my friend.
"Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you you see.... but I still love technology. Always and Forever"

Last night I attended Institute as I normally do.  I told you last week that there are a ton of people that go now. Well, I guess that is not enough because last night they gave us pass along cards. Not the pass along cards that we have to give out to tell people about our church. These are Institute pass along cards that we are supposed to put our name and info on so they can call us if they need a ride. It is like we are trying to take over or something. "Here is a card to come to my Institute! I know you probably have your own Institute that you attend, but.... you should probably come to ours instead because we have better and more attractive teachers, and better food and tons of people.... so yeah, its the cool place to attend Institute". Which I am not totally mocking our Institute, it is awesome.... which is why I go most weeks. I just thought the whole pass along cards was funny.

Last Friday I went to see "The Social Network" with my friend Rachel. Such an interesting movie about how facebook was created. The guy who created it was kind of a jerk.... but it makes me look at facebook a little differently now. It is super amazing how one person can create something that has become this huge this fast! The power of technology. I also had no idea that the guy that created Napster was kind of involved either. Such an interesting movie. I think he rocks though, cause I love facebook. I have loved it since I joined in 2005.... back when it was just for college students which was what it was created for. I am glad it is for everyone now though.... lets be honest, I love that my parents and siblings and my entire home ward is all on there.

I watched Nightmare Before Christmas on Saturday. It is a must every year around this time.

My department at work has a cabinet that they keep stocked with candy and snacks.... for those long afternoons where you just need something to munch on. I don't know which one of my co-workers had the bright idea to buy a box of 100 Slim Jim's.... but I think maybe 5 have been eaten and its been in the cabinet for about a month or so. Yesterday we were having treats for another one of my co-workers birthday and they read to me what is in a Slim Jim (because I think they are gross, and apparently so does everyone else because nobody is eating them). So the first ingredient is Beef. That is not bad, if it were anything like Beef Jerky, I would actually like them. Second ingredient is Mechanically Separated Chicken! What is it?
Poultry scraps are pressed mechanically through a sieve that extrudes the meat as a bright pink paste and leaves the bones behind (most of the time). I don't think I need to go any further on this. Gross.

This week we have had a couple of meetings. We had a law meeting this morning. I always look forward to these the least because they are early in the morning and I feel like they are SUPER pointless. People just rambling on. This morning was pretty ruff trying to understand the European guy on the phone. I don't mind talking to my co-workers in Ireland though. They are a funny bunch. Our other meeting we had this week was with just our department. These meetings I enjoy more. I feel like everyone in my department is comfortable with each other and has a good sense of humor.... so we have a good time. We usually have these meetings in the morning, but we changed the time to the afternoon, everyone was extra giggly. We were talking about something when all of the sudden my bosses boss gets up with his paper with the agenda on it and has it rolled up and kneels down by the window and just starts swatting at the bottom of the window over and over again! ha ha. I guess he was trying to kill a fly, but it was so random and overboard that it was very funny to me. I could not stop laughing. There were a lot of things in that meeting that got me laughing. My co-workers are pretty funny.


Lynette Mills said...

I love my google account... and Tracy, I love you. Thanks for doing confessions... I really enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Bre said...

yeah, I finally caved to get a gmail account too. Gotta love google reader!!!

Oh, and I saw the creator of Facebook on Oprah and he actually seemed like a nice, humble guy. Apparently the people who made the movie created it without his permission. When Oprah asked him how he felt about it, his reply was something like 'whatever" and "I wish I had done that much partying in college...hollywood loves to add drama." and he wanted to give 100 million bucks to schools anonymously, but oprah pressured him to come onto her show so she could announce it. Still wanna see the movie though.

I LOVED slim jims in jr high...they are so gross, i don't know why I liked them. yuck yuck yuck.

Enjoy your long weekend. doing something FUN!!!

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Yeah I loved the social network too. I thought the acting was incredible and I was surprised how intrigued I was with the plot since most of it is a legal setting. Your friend "Bre" is right though. I read a big article about how untrue the portrayal of the characters were. I still love the movie, because I think the plot and acting were great, but it's hollywood (drama to the tenth degree!)

Caytlin said...

I agree...the Google move was a good one. Chris and I live by our Google Calendar, Chat, and Docs. When are your parents moving to Utah??

politicchic6 said...

Your parents are moving to Utah? How do you feel about this? My parents live in Utah, but they've always lived in Utah.
I read an interview with the guy who wrote the screenplay for Social Media and he is a total word that I can't use on your blog. A better movie about the subject is called Catfish. A little known indie movie that reflects how social media actually effects individuals. A pretty intense film
Have fun for Quarter End!

jamie hixon said...

Yay for gmail and long weekends!
I have been pretty slap happy lately too. Not good when you are about to go onstage.